The Port Alfred SPCA covers the whole of Ndlambe from Alexandria in the West to the Fish River in the East and Bathurst in the South.   The kennels are situated in Station Hill, Port Alfred and are run by a team of trained, caring professionals.   A committee of memembers meet regularly to discuss business / practical decisions regarding the society.   The kennels is manned by Inspector Anel Slabbert, and assisted by trained staff.   The Port Alfred SPCA offers first class boarding facilities for pets.  They also offer pound facilities where stray animals are kept.   There is a fully equpped clinic where sick and ailing animals are treated for basic ailments.   The veterinary surgeons in Port Alfred are available to assist where veterinary services are required.   There is a mobile clinic that goes out on a regular basis to treat sick animals in the outlying areas and to assist indigent people with their animals.   The SPCA is actively involved in training and education in the care and welfare of animals.

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